Monday, 2 July 2018

What I enjoy about Music.

 I enjoy music when I am playing games because for some reason it makes me concentrate. It also can relax me and helps me when I get mad and it relives stress. Music has proven that it can do heaps of things to help you relax and people have been using it for some medical conditions.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Music 2018 blog post

In music I have been learning to play the drums and learning the basic beat, I only started yesterday and I tried distributed practice. which is try your hardest and then take a break for a bit and then play the drums again and then take a break and it goes on for as long as you want.

We have focused on types of practice I have tried distributed practice, fixed practice and massed practice.

Here is what I have enjoyed.

  • Learning something I have not tried before
  • Playing songs I have not heard before
  • I have enjoyed all the things and hopefully I can play the drums more efficiently and play more complicated songs 
What have I not enjoyed
  • I have not enjoyed trying to learn the instrument thinking it will be really easy and then actually trying and being terrible.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Career management competencies 9DV - Zac

In this careers module we have been learning about DED which means Developing Self Awareness, Exploring Opportunities, Deciding and Acting they are the career management competencies.. We have also been learning about the meaning of careers can be unpaid and paid Jobs.

A career can also mean a job in school or outside. We also looked at your interests and can affect what kind of job you can get in the future of now. DED is our main focus but we are mainly focusing on developing self awareness.

We also looked at TRUMP, Thinking, Relating to others, Using language, symbols and text, Managing self, Participating and contributing, That can be used in school subjects or outside in a job or just at home.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Element and compounds.

Today in science class I learned that a element has only one type of atom and a compound is when 2 or more elements chemically combined. The 2 elements we used was magnesium and oxygen that that created Magnesium oxide but when we created magnesium oxide we cannot turn it back into 2 separate elements. We then used a bunsen burner and used tongs to hold the magnesium and then hovered it over the bunsen burner and then it caught fire. It turned into a white flame and burned for at least 3-4 seconds and then went out. Magnesium oxide is a white solid powder which when burned makes a cool white solid flame.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

English - Sexy paragraph.

The person I admire as a hero is Henry Nicholls, but In the Black Caps they call him Towy.
He is my hero because he has faced some hard challenges one of the biggest challenges is getting accepted into the Canterbury Team. Which it would of been a challenge to get in that team even.  He is also a left handed batter and it is hard to bat when most people bowl right handed and when he goes to games overseas he has to leave his family in New Zealand, he has trained for years and years to get noticed by the Black Caps he still has to try his hardest to stay in the team.
He puts time and energy in the morning to start training, some days he might not want to get up but he still does he because is committed to that sport. He has more training because he is a left handed batter. He has faced bowlers he might of been scared of. He might of been scared of because he is a left handed batter which when people bowl right handed it bounces differently on the ground and is harder to hit.

I think that Henry Nicholls has tried hard for his position and he keeps trying to stay in with the team. He shows respect and responsibility for when they lose and win. He shows that training can go a long way if you try your best and don’t give up. Even though he is a left handed batter he is still committed to do that extra work to stay in the team.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Reflection Term 4, Week 1

This week at school we have done athletics and Friday is Grandparents day with Grandparents day they come to your assembly and look at your work, This week I was actually really excited about the space topic, You get to do a argument about if Aliens are real (I think they are real), You also get to choose a planet and do a report on what planet you want. This first week has been a good week (Except getting out of bed in the morning), Also On Tuesday we went out after morning tea and played games with Miss England and played some fun games.

Here is a link to our space sight.

Space Sight

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wearable Arts Blurb.

This term we have been working on Wearable Arts. We had to choose a festival and make a costume, Thinking of some material's (That have been recycled) that is not store bought. You could only make a group of no more than 3, in my group there was Dillon and I. We worked with chip packets and beach sticks. We also used a couple of plastic bags for a jacket. But If I did this festival again I would change a lot of things.
We got inspired because there is a you tuber that was going to the festival and he was recording it so if we did that festival then instead of searching it all up we could see a video of being there. We had some trouble with the chip packet's we first ironed then together and then when we were going to hot glue the chip packets on them we realized we did not have enough so we took them apart and ripped them so they filled the most space possible. The good parts was the jacket it too so long but it was really easy when we got the hang of weaving them. We would change the chip packets to plastic bag or at least turn the chip packets around the other way so it is silver and not the flavors of them. But in the end I am happy with the end product. There is also a wood jacket but we have no photo's of that.

Monday, 4 September 2017

1st Week's Workbook

/iframe>Here is our first workbook for the week. There will be another one on Wednesday and we will be working on them throughout the week.

Here is my first workbook:

Monday, 28 August 2017

Maths Week 6 Workbook

This week we our work book is about Finding Equivalent Fractions.