Friday, 9 June 2017

Report Writing Success Criteria: Example

W.A.L.T: Write a Report Success Criteria
This week we had to read different reports and find information that would fit with the success criteria. Here is Mine and Griffin's:

Friday, 12 May 2017

Week 2, Term 2 Weekly Reflection

This has been  a exiting week as we have had book week this week. We have been doing Tech, Maths, Writing, Literacy, Topic & Reading.

Book Week

This week starting at..

Monday - On Monday Mrs Costello was giving away Pre-Loved books to keep to all our grey main students to read and enjoy.

Tuesday - On Tuesday we did buddy reading with another class we did buddy reading with room 9/ P3.

Wednesday - On Wednesday It was wacky Wednesday which means that you come to school wacky in silly clothes and wacky hair.

Thursday - We Contributed in Team A/ Team B's Logo quiz, Who am I Teacher guess.

Friday - On Friday you dressed as your favorite book character and go to school and you go up on stage as a class and tell the school who you are.


For maths we have been doing 4 maths buddy tasks and a maths sheet for 1 day a week expect Friday and then you go up to the teacher and show her your work.


For tech I have been working with plastic its not that fun because the teacher I dont like but otherwise it is good because it is fun.


This week I have started reading this book I have almost finished it I am on page: 362
out of 395. It is a really good book.


We have in writing started a report on  animal we really know a lot about and I picked
dogs because i have 2 of them myself.


On topic we have started to learn on Vincent van gogh about his art and how much they
sell for millons.
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Friday, 5 May 2017

Week 1 Term 2: Weekly Reflection

This Week we have been doing a lot of stuff for the first week.

We made some Anzac biscuits for Anzac day and we all were in groups and we made as many as the mixture will make. My group made 23, you got to eat 2 and the rest you gave to other people. We gave it to adults around the school.

We have also started to read a school journal and write question that our teachers decided to write. So what you do is you read a story in the book and you then write in your book or you can do it on your Chromebook. You write the question's and then you well answer them.

For Numeracy we have been doing comprehensive tasks that is maths but 40 question in maths buddy to put some people in new groups. From these assessment tasks I found that I need to focus on learning more about time.

For topic/art we have been doing Vincent van gogh we are learning about his art and how he was a very famous person when he died his art sold for a lot more when he died.

Image result for vincent van gogh paintingsThank you for reading my weekly revision task!!!

Image result for vincent van gogh paintingsAnd here are a few of his work.